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Skillers Heavy duty Pants The Last Ones!


Available in Navy, Brown and Black.       Skillers have stopped production, this is Skillers inventory we have left in stock and then thats it!!. so if you want new Skillers...buy them now...they'll soon be gone for ever!!!

42/34 only





Skillers workwear. If you have been used to wearing the traditional duck cotton pants, then you are in for a surprise with Skillers. Made by the electrician who got 'mad as hell' with his workwear ,so mad, he went out and designed his own, in Sweden, 25 years ago.

So what makes Skillers better?.

First the cloth. Skillers are made with polycottons, reinforced with Cordura nylon. Much, much ,stronger than cotton alone, highly abrasion resistant, and yet still breathable and comfortable. All wear and tear points, as well as the kneepockets and holster pockets of Skillers pants are made of Cordura nylon, 10 times stronger than cotton.

The design. Skillers are not a fashion design that has been forced into use as a workpant. Skillers are designed, ground up, as a work pant. 100% ergonomically designed. Skillers won't split at the crotch or pinch the backs of your knees, they are simply you good for that.

Want to save your knees?. Skillers have a patented kneepad pockets, made of Cordua nylon, on the knees of their pants. You just slip in the Skillers kneepads, adjust them for maximum comfort, lock them in and way you go!. No more strapping kneepads on, no more straps on the backs of your legs. Because Skillers kneepads are locked into place, they do not need constant re-adjustment, you do not need to keep remembering to put them on, and when you stand up, there is always air circulating in between your knee and the pad, so no build up of heat and sweat!. just put them in and off you go.

Skillers have holster pockets that pull out of the top pockets ,like a pouch (again made of Cordura), use them, or just tuck them away .Want more..skillers also have two cordura attachment holders of each hip of the pants, so that you can attach any of the the skillers pouches directly to the pants..want more?..skillers also have Cargo pocket, pen pocket, two angled back pockets, short and a long tool pockets. Want the best?....SKILLERS WORKWEAR

 SKILLERS only shrink 3% on the first wash and then do not shrink again, so the size you buy is the size it stays!

Skillers are made for high abrasion resistance, using man made fibres, as such they are not suitable for exposure to ignition!


sorry no returns on this item!, sorry we cannot guarantee colours chosen with these.

Skillers Pants  Skillers Pants

Skillers Heavy duty Pants The Last Ones!
Skillers workwear. If you have been used to wearing the traditional duck cotton pants, then you are in for a surprise with Skillers
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Skillers Pants

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Skillers Heavy duty Pants The Last Ones! $39.99Canadian Funds

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